Sunday, March 22, 2009

Del Rio Dj Empty Djing in Culver City

Here is a video I put together of some photos I took last night at this party we dj'ed last night in Culver City. The music is a couple of samples off of my upcoming debut solo album, "The Wait is Over". Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Album Almost Done

So I had a listening party on Friday night, I invited over some friends and played them my rough album so far.

I have to say, I didn't think the response to the entire album was going to be as good as it has been. I thought for sure I would have to drop a couple songs and do a few new ones.

I'm so close to wrapping this album up, it's been such a long process with working full time and also recording, producing and mixing for other people. I'm recording 1 or 2 more new songs and the mixing process has already begun, so I am hoping to have the mixing done by the end of this month.

Thank you for all the support and I plan on posting some snippets here in the next week or two.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Response From A Friend

So last week I posted a rant about people not believing in me and telling me I should give up on my dream. I received an email from a friend, who I won't mention at this time because they have not given me permission to do so, who sent me this poem in response.

I BELIEVE that you care
Because it's who YOU ARE;
Born to be The Great,
Born to be The Star.

They relinquish your control
For they strive for your defeat;
So that they can gain momentum
And NOT be the ones at YOUR feet.

They're tired of how
YOU're making them feel;
Reality's set in

You double your wok load
And triple your stress,
Because Music IS your soul--

So let them keep trying
To break you on down;
But TRUST they can NEVER take
The Full Circle YOU've found.

And after all has been said
And all has been done,
You'll take VICTORY home,
THEIR PRIDE and then some!

Thank you to all of you who emailed me and hit me up on myspace and facebook telling me to continue the chase of my dream!

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