Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Entered My First Beat Battle

So I was on and I saw a post from Ski Beatzsayin' he was gonna be a judge for this Beat Battle on Crate Kings.

The contest was to take a sample, that Crate Kings picked out, and flip it. The song was "Fly With Me" by Greg Perry. So I listened to the track and decided I would give it a shot.
Del's Flipped Version (opens up link to listen to it)Fly With Me

I would love to get some feedback on what you guys think of how I flipped it. Well it's back to the grind. I plan on posting another song this week along with the beat.


Del Rio

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Steady on the Grind!

For anybody who thinks that this music biz is all glitz and glamour, think again!!!
So this last week was jammed packed. Everyday after my 9-5 I worked on music.
Monday - Practice with Hornz and Halos 8 pm till 11:30 pm
Tuesday - Worked on a new track with RC 8 pm till Midnight
Wednesday - Perkins sent me a new track from his boy in the Chi, hot club track, wrote a verse to that, recorded it and sent it off to perkins. 8pm - 1:30 AM
Thursday - Natalia came over, she was waiting for me as I got home from work. We finished up this track called "Papparazzi Watchin' Me" which I should have posted by tuesday this week. Then at 9:30 pm, when Natalia was leaving, Perkins and Panama were coming in to work on some tracks. I didn't get to bed until 2:30am
Friday - I was pretty wiped out from the week, so I listened to some beats and wrote
Saturday - I fired up my computer at Noon and stopped working at midnight!!! It was a long day, didn't even realize it. Hope to post some of that work later this week also, I came up with some concepts and layed some rough drafts.
Sunday - We had practice today, H2, and we worked on some new music and tightened up our set for an upcoming show we have.

I hope to start posting some videos of studio sessions and freestyles within the next couple weeks.


Del Rio

Friday, January 11, 2008

Big up to Ski

Thanks to my homie RC, I was able to meet and kick it with Ski, one of the dopest producers of our time.

He's responsible for producing one of my favorite hip hop tracks of all time, Camplo's "Luchini" and I almost didn't believe it was him when I first met him.

So here we are kicking it, talking shop bout music now and where it is heading and I'm thinking man this dude is dope. I mean how many times do you meet someone you look up to and they are actually good people? Vary rare, so I had to post this and thank Ski for all the advice and wisdom he shared with us.

Talk about a dope ass producer who has flown under the radar, but in talking with him that's how he has wanted it. He doesn't seem to care about the glitz and the glamour of the music biz, he's just content with making CLASSIC joint's.

Hopefully Ski, you'll come across this so time in the future right before we head into the studio to make another classic joint!



Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Music Up!

So, I finally have figured out the best music player to use for this experience. I am using Reverbnation, it allows you to share my songs also on facebook, myspace and other social sites, so please help me spread my music if you are feeling a song!

So far I have 4 Songs up, 2 are from the end of last year and the other two are from the beginning of this year.

Song 1: Rhythm & Soul feat B. Maul
I produced this track about 6 months ago with intentions of trying to sell the beat, then I was listening to it and the hook just came out of me. So since I have my own studio, I layed the hook, but felt it was missing something. So I called my good friend and fellow producer B. Maul. Oh ya, he can sing, paint and play any instrument in the world, good guy to have as a friend!!! So he came down and layed the hook proper for me.

Song 2: Clown Ruff
This is a track I produced, I made this beat about 6 months ago also, the concept came to me when I was kicking it with Mista Perkins of Hornz and Halos. I actually now perform in H2 (Hornz and Halos) with Mista Perkins, Panama, B. Maul, Dj Empty, Coconut Joe and K. Stunt. We are wrapping up an album and it should be out soon!!! Anyways, this song is about the questions you often get from friends or fans about things you should do on stage... So that is where I got the hook, "Do I look like a clown.... Do I wear funny shoes... I just get up on Stage... an I try to amuse..."

Song 3: Thinking of a Master Plan: Del Rio & RC
RC Produced this track. I recently moved in with RC, I've been knowing him for about 2 years now. He produced some tracks for Bad Genes, which is a group where I was one of the founding members. Since we have lived with each other, a little more than a month, we have been coming up with some good song concepts and music. He brought this track into my room the other night, said, "yo del what do you think?" I asked him the concept, grabbed my pen and it was done in like 45 mins, writing and recording.... VERY RARE! Anyways it's more of a spoken word, concious thought song. So I hope you enjoy it, it is one of my favorite tracks right now.

Song 4: Shake Dem Haters Off: Del Rio & RC
I produced this track, it's got a little slower feel to it and we chopped and screwed the hook. RC is probably gonna hate me for posting this version, he hates how the hook is right now, but I want to see what you think about it. I know it has to be reworked regardless, but do you like the chopped feel? I think we came up with this concept just listening to the beat and talking about what had happened that day, and from that conversation with the beat playing, we came up with "Shake Dem Haters Off"

Please give me some feed back on the songs as I want the community to help my build this album.

Well I have to go, I am trying to record another song tonight. I am not sure if I will get it posted tonight though and the Seahawks game on Saturday is gonna kill that day for me... GO HAWKS!


Del Rio

Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying to figure out how to post everything!

So far, this has been pretty slow going. I am trying to figure out everything I need to do to get my blog posted on FaceBook as an Application, get the music player to work, upload videos and music. Bare with me as I ramp up this experience, I have already recorded a song this week with Natalia and RC, hope to have that up by next week.



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